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How to Increase Penis Girth & Length Permanently? Is It Really Possible?

how to increase penis size permanently

Probably most of guys want to increase penis girth and length. But in fact, according to research, the lion’s share of fellows who want to do this have the size bigger than average. If you still wanna some improvements, then this topic is for you. Below we will tell you whether it is possible to enlarge penis girth & length permanently by reviewing techniques and methods available today.

Penile Implants

penile implant
New penile implant by Dr. Elist

Penile implant is a tool which is typically used in critical situations – cases of severe ED when a patient cannot achieve erection by using other methods like penis pumps, PDE5 inhibitors, intracavernous injections etc. Most frequently it is implemented in cases of Peyronie’s disease, when a penis has deformations leading to pain-causing and curved erections. In most cases, it doesn’t make the penis larger, it even causes some shortening.

However, doctor James Elist from LA claims that he is the only surgeon in the world who can enlarge penis using special silicone implants. He can prolong it by 1.5 inches and add about 2.5 inches in girth which is impressive but the cost is extremely high, plus, males may face serious complications like infections in the area of implantation and breakage of implant.

Fat Injection

Fat injections are often used as dermal fillers. They can also help to slightly increase penis length, and a bit better – its girth. A surgeon performs a liposuction of fat from patient’s tissues and injects this fat into the shaft of the male organ. Regarding drawbacks, the procedure doesn’t provide permanent results, it is also associated with the risk of complications which can be quite severe in some cases. There has been a case in medical practice when a patient died after a surgery of this kind as fat travelled from his penis to the lungs, causing respiratory arrest.

Injections of Platelet-Rich Plasma

This is an innovative technique involving separation of plasma with high content of platelets and its subsequent injection in the penile organ. Specialists suppose that this helps to activate blood flow in the penis leading to better erection and increase in size. However, at the moment there is not enough evidence of long-term effectiveness of this method, therefore it needs further research.

penis extender
Typical penis extender


There are special devices that can increase the penis size physically, by stretching. However, the evidence is poor despite a lot of advertisements in the web. It seems that it is possible to get some enhancements but there is one crucial disadvantage – you need to wear this cumbersome device for a long time (in your genital area).

Plastic Surgery

There are clinics specializing on lengthening penis using surgery. The technique implies cutting a ligament on which the organ is hanging which leads to its elongation. However, this surgical procedure is associated with several risks like loss of sensation of the penis, painful erections, formation of sizeable scars, etc. In addition, its cost is about $10k, which may be quite high, considering that the result of the procedure is usually +0.5 inch which, of course, doesn’t meet males’ expectations.


This technique implies manual stretching of the organ. It originates from Ancient Arabic times. However, experts believe that it is ineffective and may lead to penis damage.


According to the study by Hehemann MC, Towe M et al. (University of California Irvine, University of Washington, 2019) who researched different penis enlargement methods, including medical, injectable, prosthetic, and reconstructive ones,  there are no sufficient clinical guidelines on using these techniques, moreover, complications are most probably underreported.

Therefore, it is not worth putting your health at peril. Try more conservative rather than invasive methods. These include primarily natural pills.

VPXL for Penis Enlargement

VPXL is a natural supplement which contains components that boost testosterone synthesis, activate cellular growth, and help to fight problems with erection. It acts slowly but safely, without the risk of harmful side effects which are peculiar to surgeries and other physical methods.

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