How to enlarge penis using VPXL

How to Enlarge the Penis Using VPXL Supplement and Other Methods?

One of the most important tasks of medicine is improving the quality of life. An integral part of this concept is the sexual life, which depends both on the functional characteristics of the penis (that is, normal erection during sex), and on the length and diameter of this organ.

What Length & Circumference of the Penis are Normal?

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The size of the penis varies from one nation (ethnic group) to another. In newborns, the penis reaches a length of 2.5-3.5 cm. In the stretched state it can reach more than 3.5 cm. The length of a European man’s penis in non-erected state is 8.5-10.5 cm on average. Its length during erection is 12-18 cm.

The average length of the penis in the erected state is 15 cm. For example, according to the study by Herbenick D. et al. (2014), a mean penile length during erection is 14.5 cm. As for circumference of the organ, the mentioned study has shown that this figure is 12.23 cm on average.

As you understand, there is no precise norm for the length of the penis. However, if the length of this organ in an adult male person is less than 7 cm in erected state, it is considered an unusual condition. Some experts call this condition “micropenis”.

In most cases, a man decides for himself, whether his penis has normal length / diameter. “Normal” parameters depend on his own aesthetic preferences and his sexual partner’s requirements.

Causes of the Small Penis Size

The dimensions of the penis, as well as the dimensions of other parts of the human body, are determined by the heredity and the features of growth and development. If in the period of fetal development, during the growth of the child and puberty there is, for some reason, the lack of synthesis of the male sex hormone testosterone in the body, the development of the external genital organs including the penis can be deteriorated.

Another cause for the small size of the organ is a disease called buried penis. It’s an anomaly of the external genitalia in which well-developed cavernous bodies are located under the skin of the pubis. At the same time, the penis is externally reduced in size and is often represented only by the skin practically without cavernous bodies. Such a disease can be treated only with surgical intervention.

Why Males Want to Enlarge the Penis?

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The appearance, size and function of the penis have played a huge role for most men, being a symbol of their courage, strength and power. The absence of defects in the genitals helps a man to be confident in himself, a successful and self-sufficient person. The desire to improve the size of the penis is perceived in the same way as the desire of a woman to enlarge her breasts.

In addition, many males want to enlarge the organ because they think that females like impressive sizes of the penis. This is not so, women do not need very large sizes. However, they prefer the penis dimensions that are larger than the average ones. For example, according to research by Prause N. et al. (2015), females choose rather the penis size that is slightly larger than average, that is, around 16.3 cm in length.

Due to the abovementioned causes, in medicine, many techniques have been developed that allow you to grow your penis permanently.

Small Penis Complex – Pathological Desire of Penis Enlargement

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Research by Reis Mde M. et al. (2015) showed that many male persons seek for medical treatment complaining that their intromittent organs are very small when in fact they aren’t (except the cases of men with micropenises). It is a form of sexual disorder (paraphilia). The complex of the small penis is one of the variations of the inferiority complex.

The causes of this complex can be hidden in early childhood. The boy sees that his penis is smaller than the older children’s and father’s and fixes his attention on this circumstance. He gets a strong conviction that, due to the smaller size of the genitals, he will not have success among women. Anyone’s joke about the small size of the body only exacerbates the development of the complex. The boy develops the fear of being ridiculed. Sexual events in adulthood can also serve as a trigger for this psychological complex.

Men suffering from a complex of a small penis measure the length of the penis, study statistical information and overly focus on the data of their own measurements. Patients are also convinced that they are unable to please a woman sexually. Such men are convinced that women have the following characteristics:

  1. women need only a large penis from men;
  2. women are always capricious and cruel, they abandon men if their penis does not satisfy them;
  3. women will reject any man with a small penis in the most mocking manner;
  4. women do not tell the truth after sex (i.e. whether they are satisfied or not).

This complex should be treated with the help of psychotherapeutic techniques. Of course, if the length of a man’s penis is really small, he can use special techniques which will be presented below.

How to Enlarge the Penis Using VPXL Male Enhancement Supplement?

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VPXL (an abbreviation for “Very Penis Extended Long”) is a modern supplement that can enlarge your penis in length and girth. It works by stimulating the reproduction and growth of cells in the cavernous bodies (the main structural elements) of the penis. It is in the cavernous bodies that blood enters the sexual excitement of a man. The growth of cells is influenced by the triad of plant components, namely, Mucuna pruriens, Longifolia, and Tribulus terrestris. Other ingredients of the product improve sexual performance and satisfaction with sex by enhancing erectile function and sensations during sex. The VPXL formula also contains components that stimulate the production of testosterone, the hormone that is the most important for a man’s sexual function, muscle growth and male health in general. Another group of additive components includes plant extracts that enhance blood circulation in the body, especially in the penis. This leads to better blood filling of the corpora cavernous bodies resulting in prolonged and stable penile erections.

The main advantage of VPXL lies in that this supplement is based only on natural components. All the gifts of nature that have a pronounced effect on the growth of the male penis have been collected in this supplement. Other advantages of the product include:

  • the supplement contains components for enhancing libido and improving erectile function;
  • there are many positive reviews about this supplement;
  • the product does not cause serious side effects and is completely safe (except for cases of intentional or accidental overdose);
  • VPXL is available for purchase in online stores at an affordable price.

As for disadvantages of VPXL, it should be noted that the supplement shows the results not immediately after the beginning of its use. This is a “fee” for the naturalness of the product, because plant ingredients cannot quickly activate the growth of cells. Therefore, the supplement can help you to grow your penis permanently.

To achieve the desired effect, males should take two capsules of VPXL per day after meals. The product is quickly absorbed and does not cause problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

How to Combine VPXL with Other Methods of Penis Enlargement?

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As you are well aware, VPXL results are long-term. To accelerate their onset, you can combine VPXL supplementation with other penis enlargement techniques. The main techniques are as follows:

  1. Stretching penis with weights. Weights or special stretching exercises will not lead to muscle hypertrophy in the penis, as it is not a muscle. However, hanging weights on the penis can stretch this organ a little. The downside of this method is that you will need a lot of time and dedication to get at least minimal results. You may need to wear a weight strapped to the penile organ 9 hours per day for six months to increase the length by about 0.5 inches (1.25 cm) at best. Regarding the risks of this method, stretching can lead to damaging of blood vessels and rupture of penile tissues.
  2. Vacuum pumps. Vacuum pump improves the oxygenation of the penile tissues. This occurs due to the fact that the blood flow to the penis increases. The action of the device is based on the creation of a vacuum in the pump where the penis is placed. Due to this, the blood flow increases, the thickness of the penis enlarges accordingly, although the effect is temporary. With the normalization of blood circulation, the penis gets its former natural size. Simultaneously, with the systematic use of this method, the quality of erection increases and potency is stabilized.
  3. Surgeries. For the purpose of surgical lengthening of the penis, the so-called ligamentotomy is used. The essence of the surgery is to increase the hanging section of the penis by reducing its perineal (concealed) part. This is achieved by cutting a part of the ligamentous apparatus of the penis that holds it in the perineum area.
  4. Slimming. This may seem strange but another method of increasing the penile organ is weight loss. Experts say that many male persons believe that they have a small penis because they are suffering from obesity. Therefore, losing weight will help release the part of the penis that is hidden underneath the belly. It does not increase the length of the organ physically but visually it will look bigger.

The use of VPXL with any of the above methods of enlarging the male penile organ will significantly accelerate the achievement of the results.