How VPXL works?

How VPXL works?

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VPXL is a popular penis enlargement supplement based on plant components. It activates natural growth processes in the genital area and provides other positive effects for male sexual health. People who use or want to use this supplement raise the question: how does VPXL work? In this article, we’ll give a detailed description of all the benefits of the supplement. There are five VPXL effects:

  1. enlargement of the small penis;
  2. blood flow increasing and protection of vessels;
  3. libido enhancing;
  4. improving male orgasms & sperm production;
  5. reducing stress & anxiety.

VPXL Effect Number One (and the Main One) – Penis Enlargement

Before studying the peculiarities of VPXL action on the penis, it is advisable to learn about the anatomy of this organ. The penis is composed of the root (shaft), the body and the head (tip or glans). The shaft goes deep into the cavity of the small pelvis, the penis itself is suspended by a bunch of muscles in the region of the pubic symphysis. The body of the penile organ consists of three tubular parts: two cavernous bodies and one spongy body. The cavernous body consists mainly of fibrillar protein (collagen). The spongy body (corpus spongiosum) is similar in structure to the cavernous ones. These structures are covered with a connective tissue membrane. The urethra, via which urine and semen are released, passes through the spongy body. The bases of the cavernous bodies are located near the symphysis pubis and rise higher to the pubis. All three bodies are surrounded by muscles holding the male organ during erection and contracting during ejaculation.

penis anatomy

The entire body of the penis is covered with a thin skin of a smooth muscle tissue. In the unexcited state of the penis, the skin wrinkles, during the erection it stretches. At the end of the penis the glans is located. It has the foreskin and the frenulum preputii (also frenulum of prepuce). The glans looks rounded at the end of the cone, on top of which there is an opening with the exit of the urethral canal.

The effect of VPXL is directed specifically at the increase of cavernous bodies. The key function of corpora cavernosa is blood filling; they contain the prevalent part of the blood volume in the penis of a male with erection. Therefore, the size of the penis itself depends primarily on the size of the cavernous bodies. The use of VPXL leads to the activation of growth of cavernous body cells. This is due to the action of three unique components, Mucuna pruriens, Longifolia, and Tribulus terrestris. Let’s consider in more detail the mechanisms of action of these components:

  1. Mucuna Pruriens enhances the synthesis of growth hormone in the body by increasing the amount of dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is produced in the brain and increases the ability of the pituitary to produce growth hormone, testosterone (the most basic male hormone), and some other important hormones. The enhanced hormonal balance leads to activation of growth processes in the penile organ.
  2. Studies show that Longifolia increases the level of testosterone in the blood and improves the strength of muscles. The penis is not a muscle, so the effect of strengthening the muscles does not affect its size. However, the increase in testosterone may lead to activating the growth of the cavernous bodies of the penis. Testosterone is responsible for the formation of the main male signs and organs, including the penis and testicles. Moreover, the supplement not only enhances the production of this hormone but also inhibits its inactivation. In addition, Longifolia improves libido (this will be discussed later).
  3. Tribulus terrestris (an Ayurvedic plant) contains an active substance that enhances the production of testosterone. As you have already understood this hormone is very important for penis growth. Also, this herbal component improves the delivery of blood and oxygen to the cavernous bodies of the penis.

VPXL Effect Number Two – Blood Flow Increasing & Vessels Protection

corpora cavernosa

Some VPXL ingredients increase blood current in the penis. This factor is very important for normal erection in males. Erection is a unique phenomenon, which is accompanied by the influx of sufficient amount of blood into the penis through the arteries to ensure a rise in pressure in the cavernous bodies of the penis to a certain level. Relaxation of smooth muscles of cavernous bodies and suppression of venous outflow of the blood contribute to achieving the necessary pressure by trapping the blood in the cavernous bodies of the male organ. This process is under the control of the nervous system. When a man is sexually aroused, the brain sends impulses leading to an erection.

The transition from the relaxed to the erected condition of the penis is caused by the following processes:

  1. widening the arteries of the penis and increasing the flow of blood to the cavernous bodies of this organ;
  2. relaxation of the smooth muscles of the cavernous bodies of the penis, which leads to a decrease in resistance to blood flow and an increase in blood flow
  3. blocking the system of blood outflow from the cavernous bodies, which leads to a prolonged filling of the cavernous bodies of the penis with blood.

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If any of the above mechanisms is violated, a man experiences erection deterioration. The cornerstone of these processes is the state of the vessels, which can worsen due to high cholesterol levels in the blood, smoking, stress, and other factors. VPXL supplement contains vitamin E, the substance, which is very important for vessels. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants are substances that help the body fight free radicals (oxidants), molecules that react very easily (due to the presence of unpaired electrons in the molecular structure). These reactions are harmful to health – damaged tissues lose the ability to perform their functions in the body. The body usually copes with radicals on its own, but some factors (excessive physical activity, bad environment, bad habits, etc.) lead to the excessive multiplication of oxidants.

In addition, the vitamin prevents the development of atherosclerotic processes on the walls of blood vessels. Atherosclerosis narrows the blood vessels, resulting in worse blood flow and erection. Moreover, atherosclerosis can lead to a heart attack. Therefore, VPXL will be useful not only for the male sexual organ but also for the cardiovascular system of men.

VPXL Effect Number Three – Libido Enhancing

Libido is a sexual desire and one of the most important functions of the human body. Libido is controlled both by the nervous system and the production of testosterone, which is formed under the control of the pituitary gland.

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There are several factors that can lower libido in males:

  1. Psychological disorders. For example, these can be a long-lasting nervous tension, stress, and dispiritedness. Psychological disorders can be caused by conflicts and severities in the family and at work, a constant feeling of inferior sleep and chronic fatigue.
  2. Decreased testosterone levels. This hormone is responsible for the sex drive in men. An increased level of testosterone leads to a violation of the hormonal background and a decrease in sexual activity.
  3. Harmful habits (alcohol abuse, smoking, and drugs). These habits lead to psychological and physiological dependence, as well as a gradual disruption of the natural functioning of the body as a whole.
  4. Some medicines. Uncontrolled intake of hormonal and anabolic agents & drugs, as well as antidepressants, can cause serious disorders in the work of certain organs & systems, including a decrease in sexual activity in men.
  5. The age. With age (especially over 40-50), the libido of most men begins to decline gradually.

VPXL pills contain powerful components (Pueraria tuberosa, Albizia lebbeck, etc.) that increase libido naturally. These components are called aphrodisiacs. Their effect is based on increasing testosterone production and improving the tone of the male body.

VPXL Effect Number Four – Improving Male Orgasms & Sperm Production

increase libido

The duration of male orgasm depends on the amount of sperm produced by the sex organs. The more sperm is produced, the longer the orgasm lasts. Vitamin E in the product helps to improve the work of the genitals. Therefore, supplementation with VPXL leads to a prolongation of the time of ejaculation (orgasm) in men. Also, the supplement improves the quality of sperm resulting in increasing the chance of fertilization of the female egg. This effect is very important for men who have reproductive problems.

VPXL Effect Number Five – Reducing Stress & Anxiety

The supplement contains Valerian root extract. This sedative substance is commonly used for fighting against psychological stress. It saves from depressions, insomnia, and vegetovascular dystonia, as well as relieves pain. Valerian root is an indispensable tool for people permanently being in stressful situations. It’s known that stress can lead to deterioration of sex function. VPXL helps the body to deal with stress and prevent such problems.

In addition, the supplement increases the activity of the brain (Albizia lebbeck is responsible for this effect).

Do We Recommend VPXL Supplement?

As you can see in this VPXL overview, the supplement will not only grow your penis permanently but also provide improving the sexual and general health. It is based on proven components that are fully safe for health. However, the main effect of the supplement is the penis enlargement. If you want to enlarge your penile organ, VPXL is the best natural supplement for you. It works both alone and in combination with other methods of penis increasing. But if you do not want this, and just are willing to improve your erection and libido, you can find other herbal supplements with a stronger effect in this regard.