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Do you want to enlarge your penis in length and girth? There are many methods to do this, for example, vacuum pumps, weights, and surgical operations. However, these methods bring physical discomfort and can be hazardous to health (in case of surgery).

Therefore, many men prefer to use remedies of traditional medicine containing safe herbal components. One of these remedies is VPXL (an abbreviation from “Very Penis Extended Long”).

You will know all about the components of the supplement, the principles of its work, its possible side effects, advantages and disadvantages.

VPXL Ingredients

Mucuna pruriens
Tribulus terrestris
Pueraria tuberosa
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Vitamin E
Valerian root
Withania somnifera
Albizia lebbeck

powerful ingredients

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  • Mucuna pruriens, a plant from the family of legumes, growing in the Indian tropics;
  • Longifolia, a shrubby plant growing in Malaysia and Asia;
  • Tribulus terrestris, an annual creeping plant, common in China, East and West Asia and Southern Europe;
High-quality extracts
  • Vitamin E, a fat-soluble vitamin substance that has a high antioxidant effect;
  • Valerian root, a well-known sedative herbal remedy;
  • Withania somnifera, Pueraria tuberosa, and Albizia lebbeck, proven herbs, a detailed analysis of which can be found in our article about VPXL ingredients.
Mucuna pruriens extract
Tribulus terrestris
Vitamin E
Withania somnifera
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Increases Sex Drive
Studies have shown that Mucuna stingingly intensifies the natural secretion of testosterone. In addition, it increases the secretion of growth hormone. The synergistic action of both hormones ensures the acceleration of muscle growth, and also destroys excess fat deposits. An increase in the level of hormones provides the main effect of VPXL – the activation of cell growth in the penis. Mucuna may be used as an aphrodisiac to increase libido in male & female persons, and may help to cope with erectile problems. In addition, it is used to treat dispiritedness, nervous disorders, and also to improve mental activity.
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Improves testosterone synthesis
It is also used to enhance desire to have sex, increase the tone of the body, improve the brightness of sensations during the sexual intercourse, enhance the tone of stimulation activity and for many other purposes. Being an aphrodisiac, this plant adorns the life of many men with more vivid and pleasant sensations.
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Powerful Ingredient Protodioscin
This component has the ability to strengthen erection, increase testosterone levels in the blood and enhance libido. It is metabolized in the body to DHEA, a prohormone, on the basis of which the endocrine gland produces a variety of different hormones. Protodioscin has a beneficial effect on the immunity, integrity of the cell membrane, erectile function and cholesterol metabolism; it causes the improvement of physical and psychological state, as well as the increase of sexual activity. Protodioscin also contributes to the recovery of spermatogenesis and the improvement of endocrine gland function.
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Strong Antioxidant
Vitamin E enhances the viability of spermatozoa, improves their mobility and concentration, as well as increases the volume of sperm produced. It protects the vessels from destruction. The quality of penile erection depends on the condition of the vessels, therefore vitamin E can be useful for treating patients having problems with potency.
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Herbal Sedative
The root of the Valerian helps to improve sleep and reduce stress levels. Often, erectile dysfunction is caused by stress, so valerian can help in the fight against psychological erectile dysfunction.
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Improve Libido
Withania somnifera, Pueraria tuberosa, and Albizia lebbeck improve libido of a man, enhance brain activity, enhance the tone of the body, and have other useful effects.


There are male enhancement supplements on the pharmaceutical market. In addition, there are penis enlargement ones.

VPXL is a strong medical remedy that combines features of the two kinds of supplements mentioned.

The developers claim that supplementation with VPXL can help increase the organ’s girth by 20 percent and also its length by a few inches (7-10 cm). Because the supplement is 100% natural, it’s suitable for all male individuals who wish to increase the size of the penile organ.

This drug can be used by men with a circumcised penis. Men aged from 18 to 50(60) can fully experience the tremendous benefits of taking VPXL.

VPXL can be purchased at some online pharmacies and online stores. Previously, it was also sold as part of an advertising campaign via email.

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