Does VPXL really work? VPXL testimonials

Does VPXL really work? VPXL testimonials

Ways to increase the penis are different. Some men, for example, resort to extreme measures and try the procedures of introducing a special gel under the skin of the penis glans and even lengthening the organ by surgical intervention (by cutting ligaments). But it is not necessary to get to this and literally scoff at your body. Every man can simplify his life without taking cruel measures in solving such a problem. The easiest way to increase the penis is to take VPXL pills. However, do they really work? In this article, we will talk about the effect of VPXL and provide a number of patients’ testimonials on the use of this supplement.

How does the Supplement Work?

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The supplement has a unique mechanism of action. First, it increases the natural production of testosterone and other hormones in the body. This leads to activation of cell growth in the tissues of the penis. Secondly, VPXL improves the condition of the vessels, which is very important for blood filling of the penis and normal erection. Thirdly, the supplement enhances overall well-being and helps to fight stress. Therefore, the sex life of a man significantly improves.

The Main Results of Taking VPXL

The supplement provide the following effects:

  • stable penis enlargement (the most important effect);
  • improvement of sexual stamina;
  • reduction of erectile dysfunction symptoms (if a man suffers from this condition);
  • more vivid orgasms;
  • prolongation of orgasms;
  • improved control over ejaculation.

How Long Will it Take Before You Get the Results?

sexual male powerVPXL is a herbal supplement. Therefore, it does not act as fast as pharmaceuticals do. Many men get frustrated because they do not get a noticeable result in the first month of treatment. They say that beauty requires sacrifice, but sacrifice in this case is only one, this is time. You will not feel any inconvenience (for example, as in the case of wearing weight on the penis). You just need to take capsules daily.

Below are the time frames and VPXL results that you can expect.

Month 1

The first change you notice and feel is a longer erection. Your penis will slightly increase in diameter. In addition, in 30 days a slight increase in the penis by 1.3 cm will occur. Also you will feel augmented sexual desire and more vivid sensations from sex.

Month 2

The results of using the drug become more interesting. You will see more significant changes in the appearance of your penis. By the second month of application, the penis will have increased by 2.5 cm in length and by 5% in width. You will probably be amazed when you look at yourself in the mirror. In addition, the medication provides a further boost to your sexual performance.

Month 3

Your penis in the state of erection looks more solid, strong, long and unbending. In the third month – the penis will extend by 7 cm and will be 10% larger in the girth.

Month 4

You will see a noticeable change in penis size. It is assumed that it will increase by 10 cm in length and by 20% in width. It is worth noting that you will feel the beneficial effects of VPXL throughout the course of treatment (up to six months). The result will exceed all your expectations!

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How to Improve VPXL Results?

Male sexual health depends not only on the intake of special supplements but also on lifestyle. Improper diet, bad habits, sedentary lifestyle and other factors lead to a deterioration in erectile function and sexual performance. Moreover, these factors can slow the growth of cells in the penis. Therefore, if you want to get the most out of taking VPXL supplement, you are recommended to adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. foods to boost sex driveProper nutrition. This is the basis of a healthy lifestyle. You are what you eat. Therefore, all the well-known health organizations of the world advise people to monitor their nutrition. According to WHO, proper nutrition should include enough vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, meat and fish (white varieties without skin). It is also recommended to consume more unsaturated fats (olive oil, oily sea fish, etc.) instead of saturated ones that are found in red meat, dairy products, cheese, etc. Also, do not abuse fast food because it contains very harmful trans fatty acids that can cause atherosclerotic changes in the vessels. These changes adversely affect the processes of erection and the size of the penis during sexual arousal.
  2. Avoiding bad habits. A few glasses of wine before sex can make the sensation brighter. However, the constant abuse of alcoholic beverages worsens the work of the body as a whole and the male reproductive system in particular. A man experiences (1) impairment of sperm production, which reduces the time of orgasm and (2) decreasing the synthesis of testosterone, which worsens the cell growth in the cavernous bodies of the penis. Smoking is no less harmful. First, every cigarette smoked creates stress for the cardiovascular system. Secondly, smoking significantly deteriorates the condition of the vessels (you already know that this is very important for a normal erection).
  3. healthy lifestyleActive lifestyle. If a man is engaged in seated activity, leads a sedentary lifestyle, this can cause erectile dysfunction due to the fact that in this position the sex organs are worse supplied with blood. The simplest advice in such cases is to lead a more active lifestyle.
  4. Losing excess weight. This may sound strange, but losing weight contributes to a visual increase in the size of the penis. When a man loses weight, in fact, the penis does not grow. The size remains the same, but the less the man’s fat on the body, the bigger the penis looks, since fat does not interfere with this.

What do Doctors Say About VPXL?

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Urologists say that surgery is a radical and most effective method of enlarging the penis, which gives an apparent effect almost immediately. If a man needs a substantial correction of length and diameter, the best way out is of course the surgery. However, do not forget that it, like other surgical interventions, still carries some risks to health, in general, and sexual function, in particular. You just need to weigh the possible benefits and possible harm (this matter should be solved only jointly with the doctor). Try non-invasive or so-called conservative techniques. Their effectiveness is certainly inferior to the surgical method, nevertheless, they very often give a very good result, especially the drugs that increase blood circulation in the genital organs and thereby promote the activation of cell division and multiplication.

In addition, doctors say that VPXL can be combined with other methods of penis enlargement, such as:

  1. Weight hanging. With the regular effect of the load on the cavernous bodies and ligaments, the penis increases in length, but its thickness, as a rule, does not change. The main rule is regularity. However, there is a risk of serious injury from excessive workload.
  2. Penile extenders. The modern alternative to hanging is the extender. With its help, you can enlarge your penis in length and girth, without getting injuries. The positive effect is explained by the natural reaction of the body to mechanical action, as a result of which new cells are formed in the penis tissues, and the penis increases. However, extenders have a significant drawback – they are inconvenient to use.
  3. Creams, ointments and lubricants. These things must be applied directly to the body of the penis. Before buying them, you should read through instructions containing information about their composition, action and side effects.
  4. Glans penis enlargement. This procedure is safer than lengthening the penile organ by surgical intervention. It lies in the introduction of a gel of hyaluronic acid under the skin of the glans penis in order to increase it. This technique refers to the area of intimate contour plastics. During the procedure, the doctor treats the glans with antiseptic and anesthetics. Then through one puncture, the gel is injected fanwise into the entire treatment zone. The administered gel is distributed under the skin of the glans, after which the skin is again treated with antiseptic agents.

VPXL Reviews

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  1. Unfortunately, I have the small penis. Therefore, it’s difficult for me to start relationships with girls because I’m afraid that my size will not suit them. I tried various methods to increase the penis, but nothing helped me. Once I happened to see VPXL supplement on one website and decided to try it. The result really surprised me! P. Brown
  2. I used to use one plant product to increase the penis within 2 months. However, I did not receive any effect at all. I was disappointed in additives, but still decided to try VPXL. The result was not long in coming. A month later, my penis increased by 2 cm in length, though the circumference remained the same. Great_Man
  3. I have used VPXL for a week, but have not yet noticed an increase in penis. However, I felt enhanced sexual power, and my libido increased. As for penis enlargement, I will wait, as I know that the effect of the drug does not come very quickly. James K.
  4. Producers of VPXL claim that their additive is the best on the market. I was eager to try this supplement. I also do special exercises to grow the penis but until I see an obvious result. Nevertheless, I rely on VPXL very much. L. Lavoie.
  5. I have used this herbal formula for 20 days and it seems to me that my penis has become thicker and longer. My wife does not think so, but she is happy that my erections in the bedroom have improved. Therefore, I am very satisfied and look forward to further results. C. Bouchard
  6. Taking VPXL, I got rid of the constant feeling of fatigue and malaise, which I was haunted literally every day. The additive is really effective, I received a long-lasting erection, increased desire and passion for my beloved woman. Within 2 months my penis has increased by 3 cm, which is very good, I believe. Wilson_1977
  7. Previously, before having sex, I often thought, “What if my penis size seems small to her?“, “Maybe I cannot do it?”. VPXL saved me from these psychological problems. Now I always feel confident in bed. A. Roy
  8. Once I sat and thought about what to give to my husband, I wanted something original and unique. I found an advertisement for the VPXL and decided to buy this drug. My husband at first got a little offended, and said: “it’s time for another man you already look for, since I do not fit you.” However, when he tried and got a stunning effect, he even thanked me. Evelyn P.
  9. Thanks to the developers of VPXL! It’s a delightful drug that really works! I used it for a half a year and now my penis is a real giant! L. Gagnon
  10. I can say that I have been using VPXL for more than a year and I feel myself in all respects just fine (in spite of having a surgery to remove varicocele). P. Murphy